Яйца Молодецкие Птицефабрика СОлигорская

A carcass of a chicken, a broiler, first category, packed in a polyethylene bag.


Deep-frozen half-finished broiler products packed on the base – wings, legs, chests, shins, gammons, back quarters, fillets.


Original quenelles packed on the base. Raw products – minced poultry meat (made of gammons and chests). Sticks up to 100 mm, 50 grams in weight, consisting of uniform minced meat in dried breading with spicy and aromatic seasoning. Cuttermix food complex additive made by Proqast (Slovakia), under a food certificate of the state hygienic registration of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus.


Wide range of chops: Appetizing, Gourmet, Dinner Chops, Lvov Chops, Home Chops, Vyazynka Chops, etc.


Smoked segments: legs, chests, gammons, back quarters, shins, wings.