Яйца Молодецкие Птицефабрика СОлигорская

Soligorskaya Poultry Plant Republican Unitary Agricultural Production Enterprise, being a diploma and medal winner of Belarusian and International exhibitions, offers a wide choice of poultry products: hen’s, quail’s and guinea-fowl’ eggs, egg powder, melange, meat of broilers and hens, as well as half-finished products processing thereof. Soligorskaya Poultry Plant was the first in the Republic of Belarus to master the technology of enriched eggs’ production. Hen’s and quail’s eggs under the MOLODETSKIE trade mark are enriched with natural selenium and vitamin E through special balanced fowl feeding with addition of natural selenium and vitamin E.

Selenium is a crucial micro element functioning as a component of ferments, involved in the organism metabolism and improving immunity system by adjusting cholesterol level in blood. Selenium content in the ration is very important, as presently selenium consumption is much lower than recommended daily consumption.

Research conduced at Research and Development Practical Center of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, confirm that 100 grams of MOLODETSKIE-LUX eggs contain at least 23 micrograms of natural selenium and 3.5 mg of vitamin F, and 100 grams of MOLODETSKIE quail’s eggs – at least 35 micro grams od selenium and 3.5 mg of vitamin E. That constitutes 20 % of daily need of an adult in these substances. It is also important that selenium delays… the old age! Cooperating with vitamin E, selenium plays the role of an antioxidant, delaying cells’ aging process. Due to this, sale period for MOLODETSKIE dietary hen’s eggs is 30 days, and for table eggs is 55 days. Thermally treated MOLODETSKIE eggs do not loose their properties./p>

We offer our customers a wide range of packed hen’s eggs (6-9-10-12-15-18 pcs in plastic packs, 10 pcs in cardboard packs), and quail’s eggs – 18 pcs in cardboard, and 20 pcs – in plastic packs)