Яйца Молодецкие Птицефабрика СОлигорская

We can hardly imagine our present life without eggs. An egg as a whole, a yolk or a beaten up egg white - eggs are a part of the majority of recipes, irrespective of the fact, whether it is a traditional or classical dish, or the last word in cookery. Here you will find both known to you and unusual recipes that use Molodetskie eggs.

We also offer you cocktails prepared of Molodetskie eggs.

Poultry dishes are substantial sources of protein, fat, phosphorous, group B vitamins. Due to this reason poultry products are recommended both for dietary and clinical nutrition.

Irrespective of age and nationality, people throughout the world include poultry products in their daily ration. Poultry meat is very tasty and useful; it is used for cooking many delicacies and is popular with many families.

You are certain to want to cook and taste them. The recipes are accompanied by detailed directions.

You can check dishes cooked of eggs and poultry.