Яйца Молодецкие Птицефабрика СОлигорская

In the year of 2006 the Soligorskaya Poultry Plant has celebrated 35th anniversary of its activity. In 1971 it was a small enterprise with 52,000 heads of poultry. Since very first days of its activity the plant started realizing the practical objective of industrial-scale production of the dietary products: poultry eggs and meat. During its thirty five years history the plant has been increasing production capacity and production rate from year to year. While in 1971 3.6 million eggs and 80 tons of meat were produced, in 35 years 94.6 million eggs and 1827 tons of meat were produced. The target is to increase production up to 130 million eggs and 2000 tons of poultry meat.

From 1997 the plant got down to technical re-equipment of the production. Twelve out of fifteen poultry-breeding premises available has been re-equipped with new processing facilities. In 2005 the most large-scale investment project was completed. Three poultry-yards for hens were re-equipped with new facilities that allowed increasing total number of hens by 2.6 times on the same premises. To sort the increased amount of eggs a new shop was required, where automatic eggs-sorting machine Moba was installed, to which eggs from poultry-yards are delivered by a special transport system.

The poultry plant applies new production and process technologies and new crosses of poultry are introduced. In-house certified laboratory effects manufacturing quality and safety control of the manufactured products.

The poultry plant has developed and introduced ISO 9001 quality management system, as the principal task of the enterprise, as a producer, is to satisfy consumers’ needs